The original owner of the property where the Klamath & Western Railroad now runs was owned by Ed St. John.† He started the dream of building a major model railroad in Chiloquin.† A couple of local people helped him build a portion of the railroad.†


A neighbor of Edís was very helpful in the early years, but when folks wanted to know where he was, his wife would often reply heís ďover the hillĒ.† Seems there was a small hill between their place and Edís place. That phrase soon became the name of the local club in Chiloquin, The Over The Hill Livesteamers.†


This group also started the tradition of running trains on summer Sundays giving rides to the public.† Today several of that original bunch of modelers are still members of the club.† Members like life members Art Crisp and Frank Steuer, and tunnel builder Al Jones.† Also long time members Bill Shepperd, Boyd Butler, and several others have held the group together through good times and bad.†


A few years back the current owner, Train Mountain, acquired the land and track from Ed St. John.† Train Mountain then negotiated a mutually beneficial lease arrangement with the club.† The club retains trackage rights for their portion of the much larger Train Mountain.† In exchange Train Mountain has a local club that provides public access to the thrill of riding miniature trains.†


In addition to the trackage rights Train Mountain also donated two of the current club locomotives and the club riding cars.† Additional funds for day to day operation are provided for by the donations made by the public on the summer run days.† The Klamath & Western Railroad, Inc. is a registered 501 (C) 3 organization. Contributions to the organization may be tax deductible depending on the project or fund. Your support is welcomed and appreciated.† If you, your company or your foundation is interested in supporting our efforts, please contact us at your convenience.†† Current projects include but are not limited to restoring a 1950ís era streamliner for public enjoyment, the building of an engine storage / repair facility, and of course adding some more track.


Membership in the club has no requirements other than the love of trains.† Most club members own no equipment other than the club equipment.† Their training is provided by the membership and they are the engineers and conductors that give the rides.†


Our members work very hard to provide the great facility that is known as the Klamath & Western Railroad.† It is their hope that all who come to ride also leave with the memory of a great time and are willing to tell others to come and join in the fun. Memberships are open!† Donations are always appreciated and will be put to good use!

Club History

The club was featured in the Live Steam magazine.† The magazine is the leading publication that covers the hobby of rideable outdoor trains.† The layout of the track is similar to todayís layout but the track has been entirely relaid and the dirt work has been upgraded.† Many of our riders came here as a child and now are bringing their kids back for a fun ride.

Chiloquin, Oregon